A Walk Around Halifax

I have been taking photographs of Halifax for the best part of sixty years, but it is something I never get bored with. I happily take every chance I get to walk around the streets of the town I have always called "home", looking for new insights, new frames, new angles and new shapes. I … Continue reading A Walk Around Halifax

The End Of Chapeltown

My image today is based on a Halifax Courier photograph of the demolition of the Chapeltown area of Halifax in 1939. Chapeltown, near the bottom of Pellon Lane, was an area where a large number of common lodging houses were located - along with the town’s dungeon.

Assessing The Lie

My Great-Uncle, Fowler Beanland, was a crown green bowler. In his youth, he played bowls in his native Keighley, in his thirties he played bowls in Cumbria where he was working, and in his later years he returned to the crown greens of Yorkshire. He was also a great postcard collector and his collection of … Continue reading Assessing The Lie