Fruit Inflation And Silhouettes

This is a “Cabinet Card” – a pasteboard-backed Victorian photograph – of an unknown woman sat reading under a tree. I suspect it might be from an amateur photographer – clues being the outdoor location and the lack of studio details on the rear of the card.

Halifax Borough Market. Not sure exactly when I took this photograph – obviously before the Great Decimalisation Divide (1971). To pin it down more precisely you would need an encyclopaedic knowledge of apple and pear prices in the 1960s. My guess – about 1966.

They might look like the cast of J B Priestley’s “Good Companions”, but this is the real thing. The photo is of the Silhouettes Concert Party, taken around 1932. And that’s my Uncle Harry (Harry Moore – Pianist and Tenor Vocalist) with the windswept hair, 2nd from the right.

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