Driving Down The Lanes Of Nostalgia With A Shot Of Redex

As soon as the scan of this old negative of mine emerged from the digital equivalent of the developing solution, I knew there was something wrong. Not wrong, perhaps, as we all know that photographs and Prime Ministers can never lie, but something not quite right, something different. The photograph is of the Newlands Filling … Continue reading Driving Down The Lanes Of Nostalgia With A Shot Of Redex


Grey sands, leading to a grey sea, under a grey sky. Skegness in the 1980s. It was a bit of a grey decade for me - the decade I lost my hearing. Nearly forty summers ago. Were things quieter then - or did I simply get up earlier? There weren’t as many trees, not as … Continue reading 1000 PHOTOGRAPHS (1)

Indelible Rough Sea At Scarborough

A lovely old early twentieth century picture postcard of Scarborough, showing, if nothing else, that extreme weather conditions are not just a twenty-first century phenomenon. I have managed to find a large number of vintage postcard views of rough seas at Scarborough - but not this precise photograph, so dating it is more difficult, especially … Continue reading Indelible Rough Sea At Scarborough

A Photographic Tale Of Several Wilkinsons

I have a new printer due to arrive today, so I spend a bit of time sorting out a suitable image to test it out with. Eventually I decided on this Victorian portrait of a young lady from the studio of a local photographer, Wilkinsons. A high resolution scan of the old Carte de Visite … Continue reading A Photographic Tale Of Several Wilkinsons

Printerless Series 1

BLACKBERRY BLOSSOM, BRADFORD ROAD, FIXBY For reasons too long to relate, I find myself without a printer. For someone who is obsessed with images, this is akin to a fell-walker being in bed with a broken leg. At this stage, I am not entirely sure when I will be able to lay my hands on … Continue reading Printerless Series 1

Count The Chimneys

When I was a lad, the school geography text book had a picture of Halifax, taken from somewhere near Godley Bridge, and the task was to count the mill chimneys. Whatever the answer was - I don't think I ever managed a full count - it proved that Halifax was a mill town. I took … Continue reading Count The Chimneys

Halifax, 1987

Like most other local photographers, I have always been drawn to Old Lane, Halifax, just for the privilege of walking in Bill Brandt's footsteps. No-one can match his classic 1930s images of the scene, so I have messed about with this 1980s effort of mine to provide a more colourful representation.