Some Of It Is, Some Of It Isn’t

Some of this isn’t there any more. Some of it is. I can’t be entirely sure what is, and what isn’t, because it is a long time since I walked up this narrow cobbled street in Halifax. This photograph was taken over fifty years ago, and I don’t think I have been up this little bit of Boys Lane since then. More to the point, the Google camera van hasn’t been up this particular hill either, and therefore I can’t make a virtual visit from the comfort of my socially distanced desk. The building behind the fence is the Shears Inn – that’s still there, and it is not too many months since I sunk a refreshing pint or two there. The stretch of road in front of the Shears is called Paris Gates. It is thought that the name “Paris Gates” is a corruption of the more prosaic “Parish Gates”, but I prefer to think of it as Halifax’s flirtation with the exotic continent. To match the mood, I have added a touch of exotic colour : some of it is realistic, some of it isn’t. I can’t be sure what is and what isn’t.

3 thoughts on “Some Of It Is, Some Of It Isn’t

  1. Hi Alan, I’m loving your old photo’s of Halifax.
    Do you have any of Rawson Street North and in particular, Martin/Luther Street in Boothtown?
    Kind regards, Steve Woodward


    1. Hi Steve. I don’t think I have any of the Rawson Street North area – Ive had a quick look through my far from complete index, and I can’t spot any. However, the negative scanning process is on ongoing project so who knows what might turn up. Keep watching, and if I come across anything that matches I will try to let you known.


  2. The building facing you is the boiler house. There were three Lancashire coal boilers in there at the time.
    At our peak, we were burning 36 tons of coal per day, brought by barge and unloaded by shovel and wheelbarrow!
    David Holdsworth.


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