A Different Time, A Different Place

I can’t quite pin down the exact location of this photograph I took back in 1974. It is Halifax, without a doubt; that is Beacon Hill, more than likely: but the scene must have changed over the decades, and I can’t pinpoint it on Google Earth. It might be that I have scanned the photograph back to front, the hills might be the other way around, the house roofs might be rising not falling. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter – even with a bit of added colour, it is a different time and a different place.

3 thoughts on “A Different Time, A Different Place

  1. I am currently looking at the Wakefield Gate for the Halifax Civic Trust If this is Whiskam Bank I wonder about the metalled road , with street lamp, beneath it?


      1. Its not Beacon Hill. It looking up from Dean Clough at the houses just up Pellon Lane on the right just above Aldi.


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