History Sticks To The Inconsequential

Whenever I get a new camera - in this case a new Smartphone - I can't resist taking a few photographs just to see what it is like in various circumstances. The subject matter of such shots is entirely inconsequential - it is whatever happens to be there in front of me at the time. … Continue reading History Sticks To The Inconsequential

The First Tram In Space

1909 Postcard : Free School Lane, Halifax (AB Collection) This is another old view of a road I knew so well. I used to walk down from school and then take a short cut from Clover Hill Road to Well Head and then the Bus Station for the bus home. There won't have been tram … Continue reading The First Tram In Space

A Prospect Of Halifax

Halifax From Prospect Street (c1970) Alan Burnett You could base a whole town planning conference around this photograph, or keep a classroom of kids occupied for a month. What colour is the Town Hall? How many mill chimneys are there? Why the large-scale demolitions? I must have taken the photograph in about 1970, just as … Continue reading A Prospect Of Halifax

A Bedding To Dispose Of

Old Photograph Of Unknown Origins With Message On Reverse You will see from the other side that Mother is keeping better. I sent a p.c. on Saturday week and mentioned having a bedding to dispose of, you have not said anything yet. We want to know as we want it out of the way before … Continue reading A Bedding To Dispose Of

Unnatural Events In Downtown Huddersfield

I am no animal expert, but that doesn't look like a deer to me. If it is, it is the most unnatural deer to trot around the deer parks of Huddersfield. And whilst we are talking about unnatural, this photograph was taken in February when the weather is supposed to be cold, dark and dismal. … Continue reading Unnatural Events In Downtown Huddersfield

Some Final Thoughts On Cruise Ships

10 From The Caribbean 10. Some Final Thoughts On Cruise Ships They are big, they are not particularly beautiful, and they dominate the landscape. They deliver hoards of tourists, who flock up and down the main streets like mill-mucky pigeons on an outing to Harrogate. They turn travellers into tourists and then tourists into trippers.  … Continue reading Some Final Thoughts On Cruise Ships

Sepia Saturday 458 : Albert Einstein Goes To Cannes

Our Sepia Saturday theme image this week features a 1910 photograph of a wine merchant's shop in France. I have to admit, there was a temptation to follow an alcoholic theme, but this is the morning after the night before at the pub, so I will stay clear of all alcoholic references and go to … Continue reading Sepia Saturday 458 : Albert Einstein Goes To Cannes

Random News : Hope For The Sick In Bradford

Bradford Daily Telegraph : 22 February 1906 Our random number generated time machine may be a little shaky this week because it is suffering from a dose of electro-vibration. We are back in 1906 and attending the Medical-Electro Vibration Institute in Manningham, Bradford, and they are about to cure us of all our aches, pains … Continue reading Random News : Hope For The Sick In Bradford

Looking Good In Barbados

10 From The Caribbean : 9. Sunbury House, Barbados Sunbury House is an old plantation house on the island of Barbados. The grounds are tropical, the interior is full of period furniture, the story of the house, its owners and its workers is fascinating ... but it was the curious collection of old spectacles, optical … Continue reading Looking Good In Barbados