Some Final Thoughts On Cruise Ships

10 From The Caribbean 10. Some Final Thoughts On Cruise Ships They are big, they are not particularly beautiful, and they dominate the landscape. They deliver hoards of tourists, who flock up and down the main streets like mill-mucky pigeons on an outing to Harrogate. They turn travellers into tourists and then tourists into trippers.  … Continue reading Some Final Thoughts On Cruise Ships

Looking Good In Barbados

10 From The Caribbean : 9. Sunbury House, Barbados Sunbury House is an old plantation house on the island of Barbados. The grounds are tropical, the interior is full of period furniture, the story of the house, its owners and its workers is fascinating ... but it was the curious collection of old spectacles, optical … Continue reading Looking Good In Barbados

Reflections On Martinique

10 From The Caribbean :  6. Reflections On Martinique A reflection of the Cathedral of Saint Louis in Fort-de-France, Martinique. The cathedral is the seventh church on the site - the previous six were victims of natural disasters, including fire, earthquakes and hurricanes. The current church was designed by the great French engineer, Gustave Eiffel, … Continue reading Reflections On Martinique