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Daily Victorian : Halifax – Blackpool Axis


This is another studio portrait from the Halifax photographer, Edgar Gregson. Gregson had studios in both the seaside resort of Blackpool and the Yorkshire textile town of Halifax, which, on the surface, seems like a strange combination. By the later part of the Victorian period, however, mill workers were beginning to benefit from bank holidays and cheap railway excursions to the coast. A popular bank holiday treat would be a trip to a studio to get your photograph taken – to be collected later at the Halifax branch of the firm. What better reason for a Halifax – Blackpool axis?


Nine Distilleries : 4. Ardbeg


It was a bit of a black and white day when we visited the Ardbeg Distillery: the buildings were Islay white, but most other things including the clouds were black. Nevertheless the distillery complex managed to maintain the refined dignity of a maiden aunt, completely in keeping with an organisation owned by the Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton group. There is a fine cafe where you can take lunch or have tea and scones  … and then work your way through a tray full of sample single malts. Delicious.