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Nine Distilleries : 7. Caol Ila


I wanted to go to the Caol Ila Distillery for two reasons. First, it would count towards my full set of Islay distilleries, and second, I was desperate to know how to pronounce it! For years, I have been going in pubs, seeing a bottle of Caol Ila behind the bar and being reluctant to ask for it for fear of pronouncing it wrong. So the first thing I asked the charming young lady in the Visitors Centre was for advice in pronunciation. She told me and then she served me with a complimentary dram to taste. Sadly, within a few hours I had forgotten how to achieve the precise lilt and lyricism: so I had to return to the distillery the next day and ask again. She very kindly repeated the lesson and the presented me with another free dram. I dare say that I could provide you with the phonetic spelling of the distillery name – but I am not going to do so. May I suggest you go to Islay yourself and ask the young lady concerned.

Daily Victorian : A Good Book And A Black Crepe Dress


This is a Cabinet Card which must date from the last decade of the nineteenth century and it comes from the Kingston-On-Thames studio of Fred Palmer. Written on the reverse is “Gt Grandma Hinton (Watts)”. I have had a quick look to see if I can see any obvious descendants, and not been able to find any. ┬áIf any happen to see this, get in touch and I will hand Great Grandma back.