Daily Victorian : Dressed Up In Ludlow

These days certain activities have become everyday events. We can take endless photographs with our smart phones without a second thought. We can walk into a supermarket and buy a change of clothes for little more than the cost of a packed lunch. For a Victorian Lady, however, a new dress would mark a milestone … Continue reading Daily Victorian : Dressed Up In Ludlow

Nine Distilleries. 3. Kilchoman

If Distillery No. 2 - opened in 1881 - was a young Islay distillery, the third in my series is positively neonatal. Kilchoman Farm Distillery only began production in 2005 and its first single malt whisky didn't go on sale until September 2009. New it may be, but it is a bit of a gem: … Continue reading Nine Distilleries. 3. Kilchoman