Ten From The Pub 6 : Warts From A Saddle

Saddle Hotel, Market Street / Russel Street, Halifax (1965)   Hidden behind the undoubted delights of the Mixenden Gala Queen on the back of a lorry, is the undoubted splendour of the Saddle Hotel. When I took this photo in 1965 it was an integral part of Halifax Borough Market, but a year later it … Continue reading Ten From The Pub 6 : Warts From A Saddle

Northern Capitals 3 : Yours Truly

The question I have been asking myself since I acquired this 90-year-old photo album is, who took the photographs? I am now on to page three and I find the first hint of an answer. A photograph has been removed - as far as I can tell, the only one to have been removed from … Continue reading Northern Capitals 3 : Yours Truly