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Northern Capitals 2 : The Ghost Of Kronburg

18CB63We continue on our tour of Northern Capitals via the 1925 photograph album I bought at an antique shop. We are still in Kronburg in Denmark, and we get to meet “the sentry on the platform where the ghost walked”, as we wander through the sunlit courtyards of the old castle.


Our photographer appears, by chance, to have captured at least half of the ghost – and a particularly well-dressed ghost he appears to be.



Ten From The Pub 5 : Fallen Apples


North Bridge, Halifax (1966)

You might need to search a little to find the pub in my photo of North Bridge in the mid 1960s, but there, at the end of the bridge on the left of the picture, is the eighteenth century Pine Apple Hotel. When Burdock Way ploughed its way down the hill and over the valley a couple of years later, the Pine Apple was sadly demolished.