Six Hats And A Roadster

I am not quite sure what a "roadster" was, but surely this must have been one. Mud guards that have the curves of an Impressionist's model, a steering wheel that looks as if it was designed for serious steering, and a running board every young buck would want to jump upon. And within it there … Continue reading Six Hats And A Roadster

A Collaborative Effort

Causey Hall, Halifax Minster - April 2017 (Alan Burnett and iPhone FCDQJ91YG5QW) I took this photograph on my mobile phone the other day as I was walking passed Causey Hall which is next to Halifax Minster. The building dates back to the mid-nineteenth century - it was built originally as a Parish School - but … Continue reading A Collaborative Effort

Nigh To This Place

Gravestone : St Andrew's Church, Aldborough, Yorkshire (March 2017) There is something gloriously imprecise about the wording of this gravestone. No "buried here below" or "beneath this stone"; but a poetic "nigh to this place". It could be in the shade of the tall grass, it might be amongst the springtime stems. We don't need … Continue reading Nigh To This Place

Six From …. Burghley House

We seem to have been out and about a lot over the last week or two and I have a pocket-full of SD cards with photographs of many of the places we have visited. One of the problems, of course, of modern digital photography is that we take far too many photographs and save far … Continue reading Six From …. Burghley House