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A Collaborative Effort

Causey Hall, Halifax (April 2017) - Google Enhanced
Causey Hall, Halifax Minster – April 2017 (Alan Burnett and iPhone FCDQJ91YG5QW)

I took this photograph on my mobile phone the other day as I was walking passed Causey Hall which is next to Halifax Minster. The building dates back to the mid-nineteenth century – it was built originally as a Parish School – but it is distinctly modern compared to the old Parish Church which was built more than four hundred years earlier.

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Nigh To This Place

Nigh To This PlaceGravestone : St Andrew’s Church, Aldborough, Yorkshire (March 2017)

There is something gloriously imprecise about the wording of this gravestone. No “buried here below” or “beneath this stone”; but a poetic “nigh to this place”. It could be in the shade of the tall grass, it might be amongst the springtime stems. We don’t need to know – just remember.Nigh To This Place