Advertising Feature

For some time now we have held out against the relentless drive to monetise creative content with clickbait and product placement, but alas we have been forced to give in to the demands of commercial necessity. We therefore announce the addition of advertising content to our blogs and social media feeds.

Power To The People

This is Elland about 50 years ago. I was taking photos at a wedding at St Mary's, and I climbed up in the flats opposite to get some shots of the wedding party as they came out of the church. It was the view down the Calder Valley to the Power Station that caught my … Continue reading Power To The People

31 July 1929 / 21 May 2023

Wednesday 31 July 1929. Lancashire mill workers continue their strike. Aristide Briand becomes Premier of France. The World Scout Jamboree opens in Birkenhead. Stock markets throughout the world continue to rise, although economists predict the surge in stock prices is unsustainable. Ivy Burnett enjoys a holiday in Douglas, Isle of Man.