The Acme Of Perfection In Pierrotic Entertainment

I inherited this photograph from my Auntie Annie and Uncle Harry. During the late twenties and early thirties, Uncle Harry “trod the boards” as a member of a touring concert party – “The Silhouettes”. Harry was the featured “pianist and tenor vocalist”, and that is Harry, second from the right, with his wavy hair blowing in the smokey breeze. I also inherited a programme from The Silhouettes’ show in Bognor in September 1931, and this provides a clue to the other “artistes” featured in the photograph.

Since I last featured this photograph on my blog several years ago, it has become possible to colourise old photographs with the help of Artificial Intelligence programmes. The results are quite striking, but somehow it is the faded sepia of the mill chimneys, that best suits the mood of the image.

Monochrome, sepia or vibrant colour; the Silhouettes remain the very acme of perfection in pierrotic entertainment.

2 thoughts on “The Acme Of Perfection In Pierrotic Entertainment

  1. Your colorized version is super! I like how it enhances the contrast with the surreal smokestacks in the background. Ever since you first introduced us to Uncle Harry and his Silhouettes, I’ve included the phrase “concert party” whenever I search UK vintage postcards and photos in the hope I’ll come across him again.

    On another note, Alan, last weekend the Sepia Saturday club didn’t get the memo of our blogmaster’s holiday, but we soldiered on and reused the last one. Could we return to the practice of getting a two weekend advance on the theme, please? Over the past few years it’s been very helpful to have enough time to choose matching images and prepare a story. Though the club is smaller than it once was, your clever choice of images continues to inspire great story telling. But it is the comradery generated by Sepia Saturday that we all enjoy most. Thank you for keeping open the best blog hub in the blogosphere.


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