From Alpine Pram-Pushing To The Age Of Snaps

So here we are, a new month, and safely returned from a week in the Dolomites pushing a pram up a mountainside. Alpine pram-pushing is still a relatively new sport, and there was a possibility that we might have been chosen for the British team for the Winter Olympics, but a couple of unfortunate falls in Val Gardena meant that wasn’t to be. We returned, however, with all limbs as intact as they were before we went and some precious memories of time spent with our grandchildren.

Let us start the new month by leaving all that snow behind and concentrating on a typical British seaside view from 100 years ago. By 1922, photography is getting interesting; it has come out of the studio and escaped the confines of the “professional”. The Age of Snaps was just starting, and people were being captures as they really were rather than as they would like posterity to remember them.

The original photograph comes from my collection of Lost and Found Photographs and the coloured version come courtesy of Photoshop.

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