Making Choices On A Rainy Morning

It’s raining and I’m supposed to be rearranging the deckchairs in my Titanic study. This entails moving piles of papers and old photographs from one plastic box to another and finding more floorspace to accommodate even more plastic boxes. As an exercise this is up there with paint drying, and therefore I waste a ridiculous amount of time choosing a picture for my daily desktop calendar (oh, what a complex life I lead having to make such decisions on a daily basis). I eventually decide on a picture I took fifty years ago of New Bank in Halifax, the little road running from the top of Godley Bridge to the main road below. I realise I can waste even more time by experimenting with a variety of new treatments of the old negative: with vibrant skies, coloured walls and painterly lines. Which one shall I use – I will think about it for a bit longer!

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