Halls, Mills, Rows And Graves

My daily calendar images go on, even though my walls are now full and my calendar holder is overflowing. The last four days has seen an eclectic gathering of cloth halls, satanic mills, rotten rows and graveyard statues. As the calendar images appear each day they are a bit like digital tarot cards, spelling out … Continue reading Halls, Mills, Rows And Graves

Family 1 : Miriam In London

It's a far from perfect photograph: the composition is unconventional, the focus is unsteady and my Uncle Frank's finger seems to have¬†obliterated the bottom corner of the shot: but¬†still it is one of my favourite family photographs. Frank Fieldhouse took the photograph whilst on a trip to London with his wife-to-be Miriam Burnett in August … Continue reading Family 1 : Miriam In London