Monthly Archives: April 2020

Vicarious Travel

In this strange, modern world in which we live, we travel vicariously: in our minds and in our memories. My particular means of transport is my collection of negatives: photographs I too fifty or so years ago. They not only remind me of a time in my life, but also of people, crowds, cars, noise: the very stuff of life as it used to be lived. Until the next time.
These three pictures were taken in Paris in 1973.

Up The Junction

Superimposed on our familiar landscapes are echoes of the past; Victorian ley lines that were the superhighways of their time. I took this photo of Holmfield Station in Halifax 50 years ago: it was forgotten then, it’s lost now.

Holmfield railway station was opened by the Great Northern Railway in 1878. For a short while it was the terminus of the branch line leading to Bradford via Queensbury, until the line was completed to Halifax, via Ovenden, a year later. It became a junction when the Halifax High Level line was built to St Pauls in 1890. It was closed to traffic in 1960 and demolished sometime after I took this picture in the late 1960s / early 1970s.