Negative Archives : Seaside Drive

A scan of a short strip of 35mm colour negatives taken in Cleethorpes and Grimsby sometime in the mid 1980s. CLEETHORPES : The mud-like sands at Cleethorpes. The line of container ships waiting their turn to sail up the Humber to unload at Immingham. The wooden pier with planks that look as if they have … Continue reading Negative Archives : Seaside Drive

Family Archives : April 2020

ENOCH BURNETT AND BETTY : Enoch Burnett pictured with his dog, Betty. The picture shows Enoch aged around 30, which would mean it was taken in 1908 or there about. By then, he had been married for three years and already had three children: John Arthur (b.1899); Miriam (b.1901); and Annie Elizabeth (b.1903).