No Message Required

This is a rather strange picture postcard featuring the Victorian and Edwardian entertainer, Marie Studholme. The photograph is fetching enough: she sits suspended in a hammock next to a table bearing a tennis racket. The table, however, also contains a basket full f some strange unidentified objects that look rather like a cross between a modern polythene-wrapped sandwich and a folded pocket handkerchief.

The photograph is signed CN, which is clearly not Marie Studholme herself. Marie – who was one of the original Gaiety Girls and a noted animal lover – was renowned for charging sixpence each time she signed postcards, and gave the proceeds to an animal charity. One can only assume that whoever sent this card to Miss Pattison was no great supporter of such charities.

The expansive address field clearly indicates that no message was required.

2 thoughts on “No Message Required

  1. A lot of people in those days (mostly women) collected these theatre postcards, as many of us do now. But they didn’t always write anything other than who sent it. My guess is that’s what this is – one collector sending a card to another.

    Don’t know what’s in the basket – looks like fabric. Perhaps hairbands to keep the hair back during tennis, or maybe serviettes for tea after the game? Probably just props.


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