Hope Clings On

This is a scan of the first of six 35mm negatives I must have taken in about 1980: which to me sounds like only yesterday, but I am alarmed to realise is almost forty years ago! It was taken in that strange little segment of Halifax that is bounded by Prescott Street, Clare Road, Hunger … Continue reading Hope Clings On

Up The Hill To The Stafford Arms

This is a scene which will be all too familiar for Halifax residents of this present age. After the long slog up Salterhebble Hill, and the inevitable wait at the hospital traffic lights, drivers heading for Halifax can now speed past the restaurant that used to be the Stafford Arms Inn, with no tram lines … Continue reading Up The Hill To The Stafford Arms

Enoch And His Cart

A HISTORY OF MY FAMILY IN 100 IMAGES These two photographs are central to the story of my family because they feature my paternal grandfather, Enoch Burnett. Enoch died a few months after I was born in 1948, and therefore I never knew him, other than by the store of stories and anecdotes that have … Continue reading Enoch And His Cart

Postcards From Home : Seven Views Of Halifax

This card is yet another example of the popular "multi-view" cards that were produced during the early years of the twentieth century. Postcard publishers were fond of this approach, as it allowed them to republish existing images with the simple addition of a coat of arms or similar device. I think I have all seven … Continue reading Postcards From Home : Seven Views Of Halifax

Random History : Mr and Mrs Kirby Get The Job

HALIFAX BOARD OF GUARDIANS - Yesterday, an ordinary meeting of the Halifax Board of Guardians was held, presided over by Mr John Taylor, the chairman. The minutes and reports of the various committees were approved; and the number of paupers in the home was stated to be 391. The treasurer's account showed a balance in … Continue reading Random History : Mr and Mrs Kirby Get The Job

A Woollen Prism

The wonderful Halifax Industrial Museum has a loom set up for weaving the moquette fabrics that were used for the seats on buses and trams. The multicoloured threads stretch from the rack of bobbin holders to the loom itself, and the autumn sun illuminates a woollen prism.