Entrance Round The Corner

Today's scan features a strip of negatives that come from a film from the 1980s. Three photographs from the strip feature Elland. Two of them show some half-demolished buildings with the tower of St Mary's Church in the background. The buildings, which look a little worse for wear, must face onto Westgate, and they may … Continue reading Entrance Round The Corner

Halifax In Transition 1

In 1966 I took a walk around Godley Road and Beacon Hill in Halifax, taking photographs looking down on the town from the hillside. Halifax was already in transition - the mills were falling and the tower blocks rising - and the new Burdock Way would shortly cut through this part of town.

Hope Clings On

This is a scan of the first of six 35mm negatives I must have taken in about 1980: which to me sounds like only yesterday, but I am alarmed to realise is almost forty years ago! It was taken in that strange little segment of Halifax that is bounded by Prescott Street, Clare Road, Hunger … Continue reading Hope Clings On

Finding Myself In Northowram

Howes Lane Looking Towards Northowram : Alan Burnett (c1970) I grew up in the village of Northowram, a few miles north of Halifax, and I must have taken this photograph of the top end of the village about forty years ago. It shows the village, looking east from Howes Lane. What caught my eye when … Continue reading Finding Myself In Northowram

A Farewell To Rhodes Street

According to my records - which are about as accurate as a Prime Minister's promise - I took this photograph of Rhodes Street, Halifax in 1973. To me that sounds like only yesterday, but I suppose it is history. It is the year that I moved to London, and the walk down Gibbet Street might … Continue reading A Farewell To Rhodes Street

Looking Down On Elland

South Lane climbs out of Elland up towards the top of Blackley, but loses interest in the task and peters out amongst some soulless brick factories. Back in the 1970s, when I took this photo, you could still look down on the power station and Gannex Mill. These days industrial units and new housing developments … Continue reading Looking Down On Elland