Negative Archives NA01/1

NEGATIVE ARCHIVES : 35mm B&W Negatives (1970) NA01/1 Demolition, HalifaxGibbet Street, HalifaxBurdock Way, HalifaxGladys Burnett, NorthowramAlbert Burnett, Northowram A strip of five negatives which I took in 1970, at the time Burdock Way was under construction. The project involved substantial demolition work, and also some upgrading to the remaining property around the Gibbet Lane area. … Continue reading Negative Archives NA01/1

Lava Flows And Burdock

It is difficult to appreciate the scale of the construction of Burdock Way in Halifax from a modern perspective: new buildings have taken root, trees have filled the empty spaces, the highway has "bedded-in" to the local scenery. I must have taken this photograph in 1970, when construction had just started, and you almost get … Continue reading Lava Flows And Burdock