Five From A Slaithwaite Stall : 5. Blue Days, Black Nights

The fifth and final £1 buy from the Slaithwaite antiques shop is an intriguing Edwardian studio photograph of a lady, some cushions and a telephone. Such photographs were common in the Edwardian age, but were normally featured on the picture postcards that were popular at this time. This is a print, not a postcard: and there are no studio details printed on it. Although telephones were a Victorian invention, it wasn’t until the early years of the twentieth century that they began to be featured in popular culture.
It is a great image to finish on, and as we zoom away from the Slaithwaite second-hand stall, the music of the Electric Light Orchestra fills the air.
Blue days, black nights
I look into the sky (the love you need ain’t gonna see you through)
And I wonder why (the little things you planned ain’t comin’ true)
Oh, oh, telephone line, give me some time, I’m living in twilight

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