Northern Capitals 6 : Church of England

So typical of the English - they sail all the way to exotic European capitals and the first thing they do is to look for a typical English parish church. Our 1925 visitors to the northern capitals found St Albans Church in Copenhagen - they might as well have stayed in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Manchester With A Shiny Surface

I was in Manchester last week with a group of friends - the famous Old Gits Luncheon Club - and we were walking along the Rochdale Canal en-route to a splendid public house called The Briton's Protection, when I spotted two buildings, separated by a few hundred yards and a few hundred years in economic … Continue reading Manchester With A Shiny Surface

Ten From The Pub 8 : Say Cheese

The Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street, London (1987) I have just realised that I have got to number eight in this ten part series on pubs and all I have shown is buildings. Buildings in themselves - whatever their architectural merit, however much their timbers have absorbed centuries of malt and hops - are not pubs. … Continue reading Ten From The Pub 8 : Say Cheese