A Snowy Night In Sheffield

A series of five photographs from a recently scanned strip of negatives. They date from my time living in Sheffield in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Something about the grain of the images and the grittiness of the off-white snow seems to fit in with my memory of the times. There really should be … Continue reading A Snowy Night In Sheffield

Layer Upon Layer

I took these two photographs when I was living in Sheffield in the early 1980s. In trying to work out where they were taken from, there are some obvious clues. With the help of maps and archives, I was able to pin down where the Morning Star Patent Flour mill was, and I was able … Continue reading Layer Upon Layer

Snow In Sheffield (1982)

Crookes Valley Park Crookes Valley Park Crookes Valley Park Crookes Valley Park Oxford Street Crookes Valley Road Six photographs from the early 1980s when we were living in Sheffield. The first four were taken in a snow-covered Crookes Valley Park. The fifth shows the top of Oxford Street and the house we were living in … Continue reading Snow In Sheffield (1982)

Bay Watch

Having identified a direction of travel with this sequence of negatives featuring Sheffield in the early 1980s, it should be relatively simple to work out where I was when I took this photo. I've even managed to incorporate a road sign, just in case my memory might need some navigational help forty years down the … Continue reading Bay Watch


There are enough prominent buildings in the background of this photograph of Sheffield in the 1980s to enable a form of visual triangulation to be used to pin down its location. The problem would be stopping for long enough to set up your theodolite - even in a black and white photo, those look like … Continue reading Lines

A Grainy Memory

Another week, another strip of old negatives to scan and rediscover. And these six take me to another city and another decade, as we find ourselves in Sheffield in the 1980s. I was no longer a young man when I took these photographs, and to me, it seems like only yesterday; but a quick calculation … Continue reading A Grainy Memory

The Streets Of Sheffield

I must have taken these two photographs in the early 1980s when we were living in Sheffield. I think they were taken from the top of Solly Street looking towards the centre of Sheffield. They give the city an almost San Francisco feel to it and you wouldn't be too surprised to see either a … Continue reading The Streets Of Sheffield

Exchanging Ships For Rowing Boats

A walk around Sheffield, thirty years ago courtesy of a strip of negatives I scanned today.  The River Don from Lady's Bridge, with the old Exchange Brewery on the left hand side. Until 1961, the brewery was owned by Tennants, who then became part of the Whitbread empire. These days all traces of the brewery … Continue reading Exchanging Ships For Rowing Boats