The Streets Of Sheffield

I must have taken these two photographs in the early 1980s when we were living in Sheffield. I think they were taken from the top of Solly Street looking towards the centre of Sheffield. They give the city an almost San Francisco feel to it and you wouldn’t be too surprised to see either a cable car rattling its way up Silver Street or Lieutenant Frank Bullitt’s car appear over the crest of the hill.

It’s Only Nineteen And A Quarter Miles To Rochdale

So why would anyone place a milepost on an obscure back road in Rastrick telling people that it was only nineteen and a quarter miles to Rochdale? Who would want to know that? You might want to know how many miles it was to Elland, but that piece of information has worn away. Further research shows that this was the end of the Rastrick Branch of the Huddersfield and New Hey Turnpike Trust which was established by Act of Parliament in 1806. And where exactly is New Hey? It’s an equally obscure little suburb of Rochdale, exactly nineteen and a quarter miles away.