Monthly Archives: June 2019

The Iconic R

The iconic “R” – the trademark of Ramsden’s Brewery – still graces many a pub window in the Halifax area. The setting sunlight illuminating its stained glass presence had an almost mystical significance for many acolytes of Old Tom and Stone Trough Ales. Ramsden’s Brewery and its beers are long gone, but the R still adorns many an inn and tavern: – in this case, the incomparable Rock Tavern in Upper Edge, Elland. 

Look Into Their Faces And See History

I have no idea who Mr George Day of Fairbury, Illinois was, or how the photograph of him and – I assume – his wife came into my possession. But now they are mine and I am prepared to share them with the world. They are fine figures, serious subjects, people who do not smile lightly. Look into their faces and see a different age, see history.