Monthly Archives: December 2018

Market Traders

This picture of my brother, Roger, and myself was taken in Maidstone Market in September 1969. I was about to go off to university and my brother was about to go off sailing around the canals of Europe. He funded his excursion by selling his drawings and paintings – he also had a side-line in sea urchin shells. I funded mine with a student grant! Those, indeed, were the days.

Bradford Market

This old vintage postcard has never been used, so there is no postmark to provide a clue as to the date. From the style of the card, it must date from the first decade of the twentieth century – when picture postcards were the social media of their age. Kirkgate Market was built in 1872 and was one of the most notable buildings of the city for a full century; before being demolished in 1973 to make way for an Arndale Centre. I can still remember the old market with its rows of stalls selling just about everything imagineable.

A Walk Up Thornhills Lane

This is an old postcard from my collection and it features a view of Thornhills Lane in Brighouse. Once the sun returns to the sky I will take a walk up the Lane and record what has changed in the last 110 years, but as far as I remember from the last time I was up that way, the answer will be not a lot.

The card was sent by Phebe to Tom Holland in Gorton, Manchester. As far as I can make out the message is as follows:-

Dear Tom, I hope you arrived home alright. I found all safe, also my rings. Came on to Brighouse yesterday with mother and I stayed overnight, but am going back to Halifax tonight. Kind regards to Mr Pickles,PhebePlease bring Scottish Song Book by request of Mr E Atkins.