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Heading North To A Christmas Stocking Near You

Over the last few months I have featured a number of scans from an old photograph album I bought earlier this year which tells the story of a cruise to the Northern Capitals of Europe in 1925. I found this album by chance on an antique stall, and when I bought it for a few pounds the stall-holder asked me what I intended to do with it? For want of a sensible response to his question, I said “I will research it, rescan it and republish it”, and then I left rather quickly before he tried to get me to purchase a 1950s beer bottle and convert it into a gastropub. Just in case that stall-holder is reading this – which, to be frank, is about as likely as me opening a gastropub – I am happy to announce that the finished book is now available from Amazon.
Heading North : Book Images
Published just in time for the lucrative Christmas market, this little volume is a perfect stocking-filler for the person who has everything other than a 1925 reproduction photo album. It is available from Amazon stores worldwide for just about the same price I bought the original album for!
Heading North : Book Images
Search “Alan Burnett” and “Heading North” to find it on other Amazon platforms

Gone Fishing


For a number of years now I have regularly gathered together all my various blog posts and published them every so often in book form. The main reason for this is to create an archive of my words and images so that when Blogger or WordPress or Facebook eventually curls up and expires, I still have a physical record of what I have been doing for the last twelve years or so. I suspect that words and pictures printed on good old fashioned paper have a better chance of surviving the post-digital apocalypse than anything else. As images have become more important to me over the years, the physical format of the books has grown accordingly – and the last few have weighed in at a coffee table hugging 10 by 8 inches.
I also like to occasionally annoy relatives and friends by giving them a copy of my latest book at birthdays and Christmas – it represents a gift on a similar level of both style and uselessness to a knitted toilet roll cover. If you have a relative or friend who has annoyed you recently, you may want to gift them a copy of my latest magnum opus – aptly entitled “Fishing In The Pond Of Inconsequence”. It is available from Amazon in most countries and good bookshops gone bad. To find it on Amazon simply enter the search term “Alan Burnett Inconsequence” – which quite neatly sums everything up.