Decluttering The Shibden Valley

As I embark on yet another campaign to sort through the endless boxes of “stuff” that occupy my room, I find an old picture postcard of the Shibden Valley, near Halifax. It is a view I know well, having spent my childhood in Northowram, a mile or so further up the valley side from here. Instantly, my efforts to sort things is abandoned as I take the post card and look at it, read it, scan it, mess with it, and file it away in my Universal Filing System (another box of stuff). Reading it was a challenge I soon abandoned, as my understanding of German is as limited as my attempts to declutter. However, for any German scholars out there, here is the reverse.

My attempts to mess with it started with the addition of a little colour …

… and went on to add a little atmosphere to give me an image for my daily desktop calendar.

So, what started as a single small postcard, has resulted in a whole series of additional images which can be added to my digital, rather than my physical, clutter.

3 thoughts on “Decluttering The Shibden Valley

  1. Alan,

    Its Brian Reeves from Had-Print. Have you thought any further about publishing some of the collection you have in to a book that you can sell. You have the audience already. I did give you the challenge and October will be fast upon us. Good time to sell any books for Christmas or as gifts to friends.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Kindest Regards

    Brian Reeves
    Sales Manager
    Phone. 01422 552890
    Mobile. +44 7973 909672

    The Mending Rooms
    Shaw Lodge Mills
    West Yorkshire
    HX3 9ET


    1. Brian, I haven’t forgotten the challenge – and I’m impressed that you haven’t either. I might have to delay my response, however, because of something that is hopefully starting in October. If it goes aheads as planned it might delay the book slightly, but increase demand significantly. More details to follow. Alan


      1. Just a thought we are doing Calendars for 2023 have you thought of doing one to give as presents. If you are interested we can give you more details of pricing depending on the format you would like. Also if you know anyone else that is looking to do a Calendar for 2023 please let them know we are a local printer who can do them as a bespoke service.


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