Monochrome Lives In Sepia Spaces

This is a photograph of my grandmother, Harriet Ellen Burnett, outside her house in Arctic Parade, Great Horton, Bradford. I've added a touch of colour to the photo, because 100 years ago - about the time the photo was taken - people didn't lead monochrome lives or inhabit sepia spaces. My grandparents were living at … Continue reading Monochrome Lives In Sepia Spaces

A Bevy Of Beanlands

My mother, Gladys (left), her sister, Amy (right), and between them someone I can't be sure of. The chances are that it is another Beanland relative, and it might be Ada Beanland. I know I must have taken the photograph in 1969, so I need to check whether Cousin Ada was still with us at … Continue reading A Bevy Of Beanlands