Strangers 1

Man and Child (1511 Neg Purchase)

Sometimes an image can be so visually stunning, that it leaves a lasting impression on you. This particular image is taken from a medium format negative that turned up in a job lot of old, discarded negatives I bought on eBay a number of years ago. I suspect I may have featured the image before, but it is well worth a second look. It’s an image that grabs hold of you with the power of a claw hammer, an image that remains in place long after you have closed your eyes and gone to sleep. It should be hanging in a gallery, it should be celebrated, copied, discussed and reprinted. Instead it was discarded on an anonymous darkroom floor, swept up into a manilla envelope, and sold for a few pence to the highest bidder.  In my new categorisation system I have home and away, family and friends, and now I have a category entitled “strangers”. This is a stranger.

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