By The Gas Works Walls

I met my love by the gas works wall,

Dreamed a dream by the old canal.

These are four photographs from the same strip of negatives, which I must have taken some fifty years ago. At about that time I was doing a summer job in the warehouse of Riding Hall Carpets which was just opposite the old Halifax Gas Works. One lunchtime, me and a couple of mates were stood on the loading bay, having a smoke and shouting comments, that in retrospect make me somewhat ashamed, at passing young ladies. My eyesight must have been pretty suspect, even back in those days, because one of my mates had to point out to me that it was my own girlfriend who was the object of one of my raucous comments. Fifty years later, the accumulated shame of my past bad behaviour has made me take a cup of early morning tea to that same young lady – my wife of 47 years!

Looking over Bailey Hall towards Riding Hall Carpets and Halifax Gas Works
St Thomas Church, Claremont and Halifax Gas Works
The rooftops of Halifax
The Hebble Brook and part of the Mackintosh factory

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