This was advertised as a vintage postcard on eBay, but it shows a Halifax I remember well. I caught a bus from that stop, I went to the Saturday morning cinema club at that cinema. I have become vintage in my own lifetime.

A little further investigation gives a more reliable date range. The Victoria Hall was still being used as a cinema which means that it was before 1953. Miss Tatlock’s Millions starring Wanda Hendrix was first released in 1948, so it must have been after that. With such a time window, I was undoubtedly around, albeit on the young side. 

With nothing better to do, I went over to YouTube and watched the first part of Miss Tatlock’s Millions. Vintage as I may be, I hope I have aged better than the film!

2 thoughts on “Vintage

  1. Vintage. Yep, you and me, both! So much detail in that photo. I had to use my browser’s zoom to have a closer look at it. Is that a floral display on the building on the right that has ‘Perman’ on its side?


  2. Yes, that building is the old headquarters of the Halifax Building Society and that floral display was a regular feature – I remember it well. The “Perman” is the first part of “Permanent” – the full title was Halifax Permanent Building Society.


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