And So To Bed

The great thing about Sepia Saturday is that it gets you digging. I don’t mean digging outside in the cold and wet winter months, lifting shovel-fulls of clogging dank earth; I mean digging through your collection of old photographs in search of a match for whatever theme image that infuriating chap who chooses the theme has found for this week. 

This week he found a picture of a bedroom and in order to come up with a half suitable match, an awful lot of digging was necessary. The best I could find was an old vintage picture postcard of the State Bed at Haddon Hall in Derbyshire. It is a good deal grander than the bed in the theme image, but, a bed is a bed.

Whilst it might match the theme prompt, it has to be said that the Haddon Hall picture is a little bit boring. As I was pulling it out of that vast treasure trunk that houses all my old and lost photos and postcards, a second small print also fell out. This shows an unknown, well dressed couple on the beach – and thanks to a caption on the reverse – we know that they are on the beach at Ambleteuse in France and the date is 1929. Perhaps they were on holiday. And so after this photograph had been taken perhaps they returned to their hotel. And so to bed.

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6 thoughts on “And So To Bed

  1. That is a most impressive bedroom but I wonder how often the maid dusted the tapestries or shook out the bed drapes. And I did not expect that beachcombing was such a dressy activity in 1929 France. Still it looks like the gentleman has removed his shoes. Or is that a dead fish he’s holding?


  2. If you’re used to that kind of bedroom I suppose it wouldn’t cost you a wink of sleep, but I’m not sure I could sleep very well in a place like that. Maybe. But as Mike pointed out – I, too, wonder how often those bed curtains got shaken free of dust? Imagine the dust mites! (Ah-choo!!)


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