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Who Is Crossing The North Sea?



One of the most difficult challenges with old photograph albums is identifying the albums creator, as – by definition in those pre-smart phone days – the photographer rarely features in the photographs themselves. In the 1925 Northern Capitals album, there is an intriguing series of photographs taken whilst the cruise ship was “crossing the North Sea” which seems to identify a series of potential photographers.

‚ÄčSurely it must be possible to analyse who is missing from each photograph and thus equate it with the four named photographers and thus identify who took the one marked “mine”. Good luck.

Good News For Mothers

18EB47I always think that it would be possible to run an entire course in economic and social history based on nothing other than newspaper advertisements. From the perspective of 90 years into the future, I am not sure what is more surprising about this advert from the Yorkshire Evening Post of May 18th 1928. Perhaps it is that you could buy a boy’s suit for less than one pound, or maybe that anyone in their right mind was prepared to guarantee it against wear and tear for a year. But no, surely the most surprising thing was that the manufacturer was willing to give away a free pair of knickers with every suit sold! This is just the kind of thing that led to the downfall of the British Empire.