NNW : 13 February 2016


Lost in Some Fine Music And A Far From Common Cold

I woke up this morning to find myself lost in what the Good Lady Wife has diagnosed as a common cold, but what I am reasonably sure is accute rhinovirus with sinusitis, bronchitis and gastrointestinal canine distemper (I blame Lucy for the latter). Before it struck I was able to enjoy a fine night out on Saturday at a new Huddersfield jazz venue – Jazz at the Keys. The gigs are being organised by my good mate, Ben Crosland, and the opening gig featured guests Dave O’Higgins and Steve Waterman along with Ben and his trio.

Ben had asked myself and my daughter-in-law, Heather, to take photos of the session which it was a delight to do. We finished up taking about 150 during the gig – the one above was one of Heather’s, and the one below was one of mine.


The Keys Restaurant is situated in the stone vaults of Huddersfield Parish Church and makes a wonderful venue for jazz. If Saturday was anything to go by, it will go from strength to strength over the coming months.


1432 : Awaiting A Comment in 2086

Checkout At Sainsburys

I love old photos and what I love about them is their inconsequential elements. They may be photographs of Auntie Winnie or Pesco the Dog and Bridlington Harbour – but with the benefit of sixty or seventy years of hindsight, what is fascinating is Auntie Winnie’s front room curtains, Pesco’s dog-dish, or the motor van parked on the harbour side. So, here is a challenge to my grandchildren : what is the inconsequential fascination of this shot I took today whilst waiting at the Supermarket check-out. I have printed the photo off, placed it in a sealed envelope, and written on the front “To be opened in 2086” Perhaps they would be kind enough to add a comment to this post telling us what is of historical significance within this photograph.


Picnic At Lunderson Bay

Picnic At Lunderson Bay

Scan of a photograph bought for a few pence from a second-hand shop
On the reverse of the photograph is written:

Margaret’s Father and Mother and sister in centre taken at Lunderson Bay in August at a picnic.


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