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Viggormalt – Good Health My Dear


Pure beer at only one penny a pint! Who could resist it? What this 1939 advert – from a vintage copy of Picture Post – fails to tell us however is whether or not there is any trace of alcohol in the stuff. Nevertheless, I would be tempted to send of for a tin and give it a try but it looks as though the company went out of business many years ago. So at the pub tonight it looks like I will have to make do with beer brewed by a brewer. Never mind, good health my dear.

Red Telefonica : Spain


Vintage Postcard  : Villagarcia de Arosa : Red Telefonica y calle de la Estacion, Spain.

A scan of a real photographic vintage postcard of a small town in Galicia, North-East Spain. The title translates somewhat prosaically as “Telephone Network and Station Street, Villagarcia de Arosa”. It dates from the early twentieth century when modern features such as telephone exchanges and railway stations were the benchmark of municipal pride.

Halifax (1970s)


A strip of five negatives dating back to the late 1970s or perhaps early 1980s. The first two were taken in or around one of the concrete underpasses that were springing up at the time around Halifax. The last three shots were taken in St James Road looking towards the centre of town and the top of the bus station.