John King Lane, Brighouse

This vintage postcard of Brighouse dates from the early years of the twentieth century and shows a part of the town that has undergone changes over the last 100 years, but will still be recognisable to those familiar with the town. Just imagine that you are stood near the top of Wilkinson’s car park and look towards the Central Methodist Church, and you will be standing where the photographer was standing all those years ago.

The Same View Today
The Original View With Colour Added

As with most old postcards, the message on the reverse is just as revealing as the photograph on the front of the card.

Stoneleigh, Brighouse, The Road in front up the hill is John King Lane and leads up to Stoneleigh. This is the way we always come into town. Today is very wet. I went to church this morning. Love to all, B L Wright.

I have no idea who the two participants in this correspondence were – and a little, light, research has uncovered no answers. Stoneleigh still exists and is now offices. The delightfully named John King Lane has long since been renamed the far more pedestrian Halifax Road. The original name seemingly comes from the Brighouse Land Agent, John King, who lived at the bottom of the lane in the early nineteenth century.

I had intended taking a walk up there today to take a photograph of Stoneleigh – but it was very wet. And, no, I didn’t go to Church instead.

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