Halifax Before The Earth Moved

This started as another of those “where was I standing when I took this” mysteries. The photograph dates from the 1970s, and the quest for my vantage point wasn’t helped by the dubious quality of the old negative. Clearly that is Halifax in the distance and there are enough stone-spires and brick-blocks visible to begin to construct lines of sight. However much I tried, however, I couldn’t get things to fit together. My best guess was that I was standing somewhere near Hullen Edge, above Elland, but there are chimneys where there shouldn’t be and empty gaps where there should be things. Perhaps I took the photograph before the movement of the tectonic plates associated with the Great Elland Earthquake.

I soon lost interest in trying to work out where I was standing fifty years ago – I have difficulty remembering where I was standing yesterday – and concentrated instead of adding one or two filters and a touch of colour. I quite like the resulting image – it has a slightly mythical quality about it – quite fitting for Halifax before the earth moved.

One thought on “Halifax Before The Earth Moved

  1. Hi Alan, I believe you were stood near the top of South Lane Elland, it is a brick works chimmney in the foreground


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