Wilson And Clara Ann Go To Totnes

There was a danger yesterday that I might have been heading in the direction of order and structure in my pointless daily jottings, so I have taken swift action today to avoid such a lamentable conclusion. The swift action comes in the form of two of my favourite people, Wilson and Clara Ann Fieldhouse. Wilson and Clara Ann are distant relations by marriage, but whilst the genetic connection may be weak, the emulsional* connection is strong. They were the parents of my uncle, Frank Fieldhouse, and Frank was a collector of all things ephemeral, and a proud custodian of family photographs.

This particular photograph of W and CA has long been one of my favourites, but until now I have been unable to determine the location of the happy couple at the time. Yesterday, I achieved a bit of a breakthrough when I spotted that the ice-cream van was registered in Devon. I spent a happy few hours conducting a Streetview-based tour of the walled towns of Devon, before finally identifying East Arch Gate in Totnes. To celebrate, I gave W and CA a little colour and a flourish or two.

*EMULSIONAL : Readers may not be familiar with this adjective – hardly surprising, as I have just invented it – but it relates to photographs, and in particular pre-digital photographs (AB)

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