Postcard From Eliza – 2lbs Of Averlenture

My great uncle, Fowler Beanland, was a collector of postcards during the great postcard collection craze of the first decade of the twentieth century. He saved all the postcards he received and, on his death, these were passed on to first my mother and later to me. This particular card from the collection features a view of Druid’s Altar, a rock formation between Keighley and Bingley.

Turn the card over and you discover a bit of a puzzle. The card comes from my Great Aunt Eliza and informs poor Fowler that it will cost 1/4 for 2lbs of something or other to be sent to him by post. But what is to be sent? To me, the word looks like “Averlenture”, but what on earth is that? If you Google the word, the only reference to it you will find is a link to something I wrote about this postcard back in 2014. As usual, we are left with endless questions : did the Averlenture arrive on time, was it worth the 1/4d postage, and what exactly did Fowler do with it? Answers on a postcard to Fowler Beanland, 48, Swan Street, Longtown.

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