What Are You Doing Here?

I have a box in my room full of photographs, negatives, postcards and other odd bits of ephemera waiting to be scanned. Some are my old photographs, some are of family members from generations long gone, but most are unknown oddities I have acquired over a lifetime’s fascination with images. When the weather is too hot or too cold, too wet or too windy, I will dip into the box and see what emerges.

Today it was two large format negatives that appear to be film stills from a 1975 film called “The Maids” which starred Glenda Jackson, Susannah York and Vivien Merchant. How on earth these came into my possession, I have no idea, but for countless years they have cohabited my “To Scan” box with pictures of Uncle Frank’s holidays and postcards Edwardian Keighley.

The fact that I haven’t seen the film, I didn’t take the photographs, and I have no idea of the circuitous route by which they came into my possession, is completely immaterial. There is no need to ask “what are you doing here?”. The images themselves are all the explanation that is needed.

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