Where Have All The Days Gone?

Where have all the days gone? It is a question people of a certain age – such as myself – ask with increasing frequency, as we realise that what we call yesterday, younger folk call history. It is a recurring question to those of us who watch things like The History Channel and say, “that’s not history, it’s current affairs“.  It is a question on the lips of people who meet together for a cup of tea and talk about wartime rationing, 425 lines on television sets, and ask “do you remember the farthing?”

I have an answer to this fundamentally philosophical question, because in my case, they go on the back of the door. When they no longer fit in my Daily Calendar plastic holder, I take the daily images and stick them on the back of my office door. They will soon be spreading to what little wall space there is left in my room, but after that they can spread no further (says my wife). Time passes – and the longer this calendar project goes on, the greater the problem becomes: has anyone got a mill wall they are not using?

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