Sepia Saturday : Mimi And Frank Went

Wedding Of Miriam & Frank Fieldhouse
Ever since Louis Daguerre first dabbled with a daguerreotype and Henry Fox Talbot first tinkered with a calotype, photography has been just as an important part of weddings as confetti and cake. Our Sepia Saturday theme this week features a wedding party posed on some steps; a pose almost exactly matched by a wedding party I went to last weekend. My contribution is not from that wedding however – it won’t qualify as a sepia image until the happy couple celebrate their golden wedding – but from one that took place 76 years ago: the wedding of Frank Fieldhouse and Miriam Burnett.
My two photographs featured in one of Frank Fieldhouse’s inimitable albums and are captioned in his equally inimitable way: “A Wedding On April 4th 1942 …. Mimi and Frank went ….. so did others
Compared to the photographs taken at the wedding I attended last weekend, these two snaps are faded, dull and of dubious quality. Perhaps it is right, however, that photographs fade in pace with memories. The smile of the bride, the pride of the groom, the pleasure of the guests, the nerves of the little bridesmaids are all elements that transcend both time and photographic technology.

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