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The Lost Child Of The Beanlands

Albert & Kate Beanland With Child

If you carefully read the mission statement of Pictures From The Past (which you probably haven’t done as I still haven’t written it) you will see that the focus of the blog is on photographs that are both old and – in one way or another – lost. Whilst this particular photograph has never actually been physically lost, some of the information about it has been. The man on the left is my maternal grandfather, Albert Beanland, and the woman is his wife, my grandmother Kate Beanland. The question, however, is who is the child?  It has the look of a grand-daughter, but Albert and Kate only had two grandchildren – myself and my brother – and even with a liberal amount of non-gender-specific clothing, the child looks like neither of us. So whoever it is, is a lost child, waiting to be found.