Sepia Saturday 269 : A Song, A Smoke And A Sepia Post

It’s music week this week on Sepia Saturday and the theme image is some old sheet music for some little piece of whimsy called The Violet Polka. I do have a small collection of sheet music I inherited from my Uncle Harry (or “poor Uncle Harry” as he was always referred to in the family but that is another story best left until after the watershed) and I dipped into that to find something suitably uplifting.


In amongst his music is a small volume entitled “The Music Lovers’ Portfolio Of The World’s Best Music” which was published as a part series in England in the 1920s by Georg Newnes Ltd. I only seem to have Part 1, so perhaps Uncle Harry ran out of money after the first week or maybe the selection wasn’t to his liking.

The selection in Part 1 is certainly, as they say these days, “aspirational”. There is some Rachmaninoff, some Mendelssohn and even the 1st Movement of Beethoven’s Fifth. But I needed something even more culturally weighty to stand up against the Violet Polka, so I give you, from towards the end of the portfolio, “Love’s Cigarette” by H Fraser-Simson , Harry Graham and Adrian Ross.


I am probably in breach of some copyright law by reproducing this piece of music here, but I will defend myself at the bar of public opinion by stating that this is a work that should be more widely known. In case you can’t quite pick out the words from the tobacco stained paper, let me quote you the lyrics of the first chorus.

Cigarette, cigarette,
You are warmer and truer
Than any fond wooer
I’ve met
And you’re rapture
Ought to kindle and capture
The coldest Coquette
And the whirls
Of your curls
They have taken my heart in a net
It’s a pleasure divine
When your lip is on mine
And I’m kissing my own Cigarette

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