A Dozen Dollops Of History – 9 : No Stamp, No Box, No Pint

My ninth found dollop of history (£1.50 pence from the second-hand shop) features a 1914 vintage postcard from Tewkesbury. I can never resist a postcard of a pub and I will dip deeper into my wallet than normal to buy one. This is a lovely old card featuring the Bell Hotel in Tewkesbury which is notable for two reasons: first the wonderfully preserved seventeenth century construction, and second, it is a pub I have never visited! I don’t think I have ever been to Tewkesbury, but we are planning a trip down to Gloucestershire later in the year so I … Continue reading A Dozen Dollops Of History – 9 : No Stamp, No Box, No Pint

Words From Long Ago

“Before performing the ceremony assigned him, Mr Anderson assured those present that he appreciated very highly the honour conferred upon him by the committee and his fellow townsmen in the request to lay the memorial stone of the Town Hall. He would much rather have left the duty to some distinguished person from some other part of the country (“No”)” THE LEEDS MERCURY 23 JUNE 1890 Continue reading Words From Long Ago

Apartment du Lux

I took this picture ten years ago and it has lay dormant in my digital files until, by chance, I looked at it yesterday and thought “what a busy scene to have going on beneath your bedroom window” A little research on line revealed that it was the work of an Hungarian sculptor called Alice Lux (you can just see her name at the right hand end of the relief). She was the wife of the architect of the building, Hugo Gregersen, and together they were responsible for a number of such artistic elements which serve to brighten up what … Continue reading Apartment du Lux

Sepia Saturday 269 : A Song, A Smoke And A Sepia Post

It’s music week this week on Sepia Saturday and the theme image is some old sheet music for some little piece of whimsy called The Violet Polka. I do have a small collection of sheet music I inherited from my Uncle Harry (or “poor Uncle Harry” as he was always referred to in the family but that is another story best left until after the watershed) and I dipped into that to find something suitably uplifting. In amongst his music is a small volume entitled “The Music Lovers’ Portfolio Of The World’s Best Music” which was published as a part … Continue reading Sepia Saturday 269 : A Song, A Smoke And A Sepia Post